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Examining hepatitis C treatment in Chicago: current barriers and future opportunities for change Open Access (recommended)


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Wojtowicz, Jennifer
Hepatitis C is the deadliest infectious disease in the United States. While there is treatment available for hepatitis C, Medicaid guidelines in many states throughout the United States place severe restrictions on who can access treatment, including Illinois. In Illinois, there are liver fibrosis restrictions, sobriety restrictions, and prescriber restrictions that all make itdifficult for patients diagnosed with hepatitis C to receive care. Brief exploration of the data for patients who have a hepatitis C diagnosis in Chicago community health centers has shown that many patients who are diagnosed with hepatitis C do not follow-up with treatment, which could be due to these statewide restrictions. However, this must be explored further to determine what barriers to care individuals diagnosed with hepatitis C are facing. In this analysis, methodsincluded chart auditing and quantitative and qualitative extractions from patient electronic health records. Results from this study found that 1) patients with Medicaid and fibrosis Stages 0 - 2 were unable to access treatment, 2) inadequate referral processes led to inefficient care cascades and gaps in patient data, and 3) date of birth, as well as a history of intravenous drug use, remain large risk factors for hepatitis C infection. The results from this study can inform improved care cascade guidelines for providers to use to best care for patients diagnosed with hepatitis C aswell as guide advocacy efforts to alleviate the restrictions that Medicaid has on treatment for those diagnosed with hepatitis C.
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