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Maintenance of Diet and Activity Behaviors and Weight Loss After Intensive Lifestyle Intervention Scoping Review Protocol Open Access (recommended)


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Daly, Elyse Renee
Battalio, Sam
Spring, Bonnie
Wafford, Q. Eileen
Pfammatter, Angela Fidler
Jovanovic, Christine Ernestine Schaak
Alshurafa, Nabil
Kalam, Faiza
Stump, Tammy Kay
Rationale: Although intensive lifestyle interventions tend to be successful at initiating weight loss, maintaining weight loss after withdrawal of intervention is more challenging. Also, it is unclear to what degree behavioral changes in dietary intake and physical activity that were made during weight loss initiation persist after treatment discontinuation and account for the observed variability in weight loss maintenance. A primary barrier to optimizing lifestyle interventions for long-term sustained improvement is the current lack of a coherent theoretical and methodological foundation for operationalizing maintenance. Indeed, there is variability in how researchers define, measure, and evaluate maintenance of both weight regulatory behaviors and weight loss following intervention. This variability in operationalizing maintenance could have significant implications for designing and optimizing interventions to achieve long-term maintenance. A synthesis of the available evidence on post-intervention behavioral weight loss maintenance is needed to lay a foundation that future researchers can use to appropriately design and implement interventions that produce meaningful, sustained healthful improvements in weight.
DigitalHub. Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center
Subject: MESH
Body Weight Maintenance
Health Behavior
Diet, Food, and Nutrition
Grants and funding
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases - R01DK125414 Methodological and Data-Driven Approach to Infer Durable Behavior Change from mHealth Data

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