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Distributed person data: using semantic web compliant data in subject name headings Open Access (recommended)


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subject name headings
non-MARC name authority records
Information Retrieval
Authority Control
Attribution 4.0 International

Ilik, Violeta
Providing efficient access to information is a crucial library mission. Subject classification is one of the major pillars that guarantees the accessibility of records in libraries. In this paper we discuss the need to associate person IDs and URIs with subjects when a named person happens to be the subject of the document. This is often the case with biographies, schools of thought in philosophy, politics, art, and literary criticism. Using Semantic Web compliant data in subject name headings enhances the ability to collocate topics about a person. Also, in retrieval, books about a person would be easily linked to works by that same person. In the context of the Semantic Web, it is expected that, as the available information grows, one would be more effective in the task of information retrieval. Information about a person or, as in the case of this paper, about a researcher exist in various databases, which can be discipline specific or publishers' databases, and in such cases they have an assigned identifier. They also exist in institutional directory databases. We argue that these various databases can be leveraged to support improved discoverability and retrieval of research output for individual authors and institutions, as well as works about those authors.
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Ilik, V.: Distributed person data : using Semantic Web compliant data in subject name headings.In: Classification and authority control: expanding resource discovery: proceedings of the International UDC Seminar 2015, 29-30 October 2015, Lisbon, Portugal. Eds.: Slavic, A. u. M.I. Cordeiro. Wrzburg : Ergon-Verlag, 2015. S.53-67.
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Galter Health Sciences Library, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University
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(ISBN 10) 3956501241
(ISBN 13) 9783956501241
Subject: LCSH
Name authority records (Information retrieval)
Subject headings
Linked data
Information retrieval
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I would like to thank the whole VIVO open source community, especially the VIVO-ISF ontology lead, Dr. Melissa Haendel, Dr. Shahim Essaid, Brian Lowe, the VIVO Project Director, Dr. Michael Conlon, Dr. Kristi Holmes, and last but not least, Jonathan Corson-Rikert, for inspiring discussions and many hours of creative brainstorming.

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