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PROs from the Patient Point of View: Results of Qualitative Interview Regarding Patient-Reported Outcomes Open Access (recommended)

Full author list and affiliations:Therese A. Nelson1, Faraz S. Ahmad1,2, Shirley Burton3, Martha-Margaret Cotton2, Kristina Davis2, Leilani Lacson1, Ryan Merkow1,2, Luke V. Rasmussen1, Nan E. Rothrock1, Justin B. Starren1Affiliations:1Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois; 2Northwestern Medicine, Chicago, Illinois; 3University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


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  04/01/2021 Open Access (recommended)
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EASI-PRO NMHC Patient Report - 9-17-2020.docx
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Nelson, Therese Allen
Therese Allen Nelson
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