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2019-2020 A genome-wide and phenome-wide association study of diverticular diseases using electronic health records of 64,409 adults with European/African ancestries A genome-wide association study (GWAS) of bitter and sweet beverage consumption A Polygenic and Phenotypic Risk Prediction for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome evaluated by Phenome-wide association studies - Supplemental Material A retrospective look at the predictions and recommendations from the 2009 AMIA Policy Meeting: Slides and Data AASLD 2018 Aberrant cGMP Signaling Persists During Recovery in Mice with Oxygen-Induced Pulmonary Hypertension Beyond an Apple a Day: Finding Reliable Health Information Online Biobank-driven genomic discovery yields new insight into atrial fibrillation biology Calantone et al 2022 Commun Biol Source Data CBITs IRB Materials Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology (Ce-PIM) Charleston Conference: Health Sciences Lively Lunch discussion handouts Charting a New Course: practical data visualization Chicago Area Medical Archivists Medical History Symposium- Programs Christian Adames Publications & Presentations Coffee.GWAS.Mol.Psych.2015 Cord-Blood Metabolomics: Association with Newborn Anthropometrics and C-Peptide across Ancestries - Supplemental Material Crime victimization in adults with severe mental illness: comparison with the National Crime Victimization Survey CTS Personas Effect of texturing on material properties of 3D printed prosthetic sockets Emergency Medicine Textbooks Exploring the History of Medicine, Or five thousand years of medical history in five weeks, 2012 Expression of receptors for plasminogen activators on endothelial cell surface depends on their origin Fall 2016 Fall 2017 Food.Addiction.GWAS.Obesity.2016 Grupo de Equilibrio De Estilo De Vida History of medicine: projects, presentations, and exhibits In Pursuit of a Grand Cause Library of Congress Subject Headings Authority Records with Medical Subject Headings mapping data Medical Subject Headings Authority Records with Library of Congress Subject Headings mapping data Medical Subject Headings-Library of Congress Subject Headings Mapping Data National Library of Medicine Associate Fellowship Projects Oncolytic Adenoviral Treatment of Brain Tumors: A Scoping Review Protocol PD language prediction experiment data and analysis scripts Perturbation Recovery During Walking is Impacted by Knowledge of Perturbation Timing in Below-Knee Prosthesis Users and Non-Impaired Participants PPA Resting State Manuscript (Cortex) Pragmatic Reproducible Research for Analysis, Dissemination and Publication PRO Implementation Planning Toolkit Proactive Locomotor Adjustments Are Specific to Perturbation Uncertainty in Below-Knee Prosthesis Users PROs from the Patient Point of View: Results of Qualitative Interview Regarding Patient-Reported Outcomes Prosthetic Foot Bench Test Characterization SAGITTAL PLANE STIFFNESS OF PEDIATRIC ANKLE-FOOT ORTHOSES Scaffold-free endometrial organoids respond to excess androgens associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome SCRIPT Project Soulakis Lab Statistically Speaking Lecture Series Statistically Speaking Lecture Series 2021-2022 Syncropatch DB R Package Systematic Review Toolkit The Food Allergy Data Dictionary The National Center for Data to Health Thematic Role and Verb Norms TNF-alpha Inhibitor and Malignancy Meta Analysis Using mechanical testing to assess texturing of prosthetic sockets to improve suspension in the transverse plane and reduce rotation Using mechanical testing to assess the effect of prosthetic socket texturing on longitudinal suspension to reduce pistoning Vanoye KCNQ2 data tables Oct 15, 2021 Violeta Ilik's Presentations and Papers VIVO Walking with Ears: Altered Auditory Feedback Impacts Gait Step Length in Older Adults Winter 2019