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Vision Statement: 


DigitalHub facilitates the discovery and recognition of research and scholarship at Northwestern Medicine by bringing together, in one place, open access to research, both traditional and non-traditional, and information on scholarly activities across all disciplines. Populated with institutional and public data sources, DigitalHub represents a living record of scholarly output.



DigitalHub is an institutional repository for the research and scholarly output of Northwestern Medicine. The goals of the repository are to preserve intellectual works created by the Northwestern Medicine scholarly community, to enhance the visibility of Northwestern Medicine scholarship, and to promote its authors by enabling discovery and accessibility of these works by the international scientific community.


The open-source architecture that supports the repository is based on the Fedora/Hydra stack solution, used by institutions worldwide. The repository provides stable, long-term preservation and ongoing maintenance for content contained within the repository. Materials are submitted directly by authors with an active Northwestern University network account (NetID).


Examples of items that the repository can accommodate at this time include:


  • Research papers, published or unpublished
  • Conference papers and presentations, including lectures
  • Educational materials
  • Data sets
  • Case reports
  • Technical reports
  • Supplemental images
  • Posters
  • User guides
  • Open access books
  • and more


For more details about what type of scholarly products are accepted, please contact us directly at: DigitalHub



Table of Contents:

What are the guidelines for submitting content?

How do I get my materials into the repository?

Do I retain copyright over archived content?

Getting started: Submitting Items

How to Create a Collection


What are the guidelines for submitting content?


  • You must be affiliated with Northwestern Medicine.
  • You must have the rights to let Galter Library distribute it.
  • The content must be scholarly, educational, or related to the university's mission.
  • The content must be permanent. DigitalHub is intended to be an archive, not a storehouse for works in progress.
  • The content must be in a digital format. 


How do I get my materials into the repository?


For assistance in putting your work into the repository, please contact the DigitalHub team at DigitalHub. Alternatively, departmental representatives can be authorized to directly put in materials. If you have an existing database of scholarly digital resources, we may be able to assist you with a one-time bulk import.


Questions, or want to discuss other options? Email us at DigitalHub


Do I retain copyright over archived content?


Yes, copyright owners retain copyright over their materials. By putting material into DigitalHub, you are granting Galter Library a non-exclusive license to distribute it, which means that you are authorizing Galter Library to make it available but can also distribute it through other mechanisms. You will be able to consult the distribution license for more information.


It is preferred but not required that materials be made available with a Creative Commons license. Many researchers and educational institutions are adopting Creative Commons licenses to provide wider access to their work. There are few different types of CC licenses that you can choose from and you also have an option to mark your item with the “All rights reserved” license. Through the Creative Commons attribution license, the copyright owner retains copyright, but the materials are open to others for use and make modifications as long as attribution to the original is made. CC Australia has developed a very useful flowchart to help people decide which Creative Commons license (if any) is appropriate for what they want to do. 

Ready to begin?


If at any point you have questions about the submission process please contact us at DigitalHub


Getting started: Submitting items

Submitting Items


How to create a collection

Creating a Collection



If you have questions about the submission process please contact us at: DigitalHub